Hi, I'm Josh. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I now live and work in New York City as a digital product designer at Daily Burn.

My Mission

Do great work. As a designer, I aim to better understand user needs and support them with delightful experiences. I’m currently practicing that mission in the fitness industry with Daily Burn, where we are helping people get off the couch and live healthier lives. I’m happiest when both the customer and the business are happy.

My Skills

I have five years of professional experience working in digital design teams. I graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. My primary strengths lie in visual and user interface design. I couple that with technical knowledge, problem solving and communication skills. During product development, I can help define the problem, ideate, prototype, and work through constraints to deliver the optimal solution.

Other Stuff I Like

Online and offline, I like to stay connected to the design community. You’ll see me at meet-ups like Design Driven, Designers + Geeks and asking lots of questions on Designer News and Twitter. I also like to write about design, and have made it a habit on my blog since 2008. But there’s more to life than design, right? In my spare time I edit Tarantino, cycle long distance, start wars (with post-it notes) and travel the world (30 countries and counting).