Why put effort into this?

"I cannot find a way to bookmark my favorite workouts or workouts I would like to do in the future." - Rose.

"Is there a way to 'favorite' workouts… so if there is one, or several, that I would like to repeat, I can go to them directly rather than searching for them?" - Steven

"It would be so awesome if we could "favorite" workouts so that we can go back to them easier. With 7 new workouts each week, it is easy to forget or not be able to find them quickly."- Karrie

The idea


How will we measure success?

How does it work?

Researching similar features.

How might this feature integrate with our existing product views?

If a workout has been favorited, the 'heart' tag will always be visible, no matter the location of the thumb.

It's not just an icon... Ordering, naming states, context, appearance, usability, patterns, consistency...

Non - animation. Pretty but not descriptive enough

Non-code prototype. Better, but still not descriptive enough!

All code. Pretty + descriptive!

Empty & populated rows for the home screen.

Improved the empty state with illustrations and engaging copy

Here's what we shipped

‘Announcement’ template that all new features could use.

This is how the button works.

Favorited workouts are automagically saved to ‘Your Favorites’. You'll see this list on your home screen.

You can save as many workouts as you’d like!