Big Screen Ui

User interfaces seen on TV

It's tricky to design an app for TV. I found out the hard way. There’s no resources to help you. So I made one. I invented Big Screen Ui. My mission is to make it easy to build amazing TV apps.

First, Screenshots

So how can I help TV app designers? My first idea was to collect screenshots of apps that I liked. I curate the best apps on tvOS, Android TV and even Roku platforms, and share them for the design community. has hundreds of videos, screenshots and articles about TV interface design.

The tvOS GUI Kit

My second idea was to create a free Sketch template that makes it easy to create beautiful apps for Apple TV.

Check out the tvOS GUI Kit. There's been thousands of downloads, shares, likes and recommendations. It's been featured in Sketch Resources, Product Hunt and even impressed the guy who builds the UI Kit at Apple – Marshall Huss!

The kit includes grid layouts, 14 predefined layout templates and 13 recreated system apps.

Every container, link and icon was pixel-perfect, customizable and ready to re-use for any TV project.

I even released the Unified TV Experience interface before Apple did!