Josh Clement is a senior product designer based in San Francisco

Only got a second? I've been designing digital products since 2014 • Born in Australia, based in San Francisco • Background in health & fitness / consumer tech.
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What have I been up to recently?
MyFitnessPal (2018 - Present)

Helping millions reach their health & fitness goals.

Myfitnesspal is a nutrition tracking app, acquired by Under Armour in 2015. The job was to simplify onboarding, search and tracking, the key experiences for our users. I connected the dots, working across multiple offices and leading design efforts to protect user data, verify accounts and inspire user loyalty by celebrating food logging streaks.

Case Study: Achievements

In my spare time...

And what about before that?
Daily Burn (2014 - 2018)

Making fitness fun, social and accessible for everyone.

While at Daily Burn, my job was to help our subscribers find workouts they love and encourage lasting, healthy habits. From 10-foot UI, to mobile I introduced key functionality like favoriting and goal-setting as well as big swings like premium memberships, audio workouts and daily live-streaming fitness classes.

Case Study: Onboarding
A bit more about Josh

Born and raised in Australia. With only a laptop and a small backpack, I moved to New York City in 2014 to work at a startup. A few years later, I found myself designing the future of connected fitness for millions at Under Armour. Still curious, still learning every day.

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